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Low-Cost Digital Marketing for Local Businesses

BizGrow takes pride in helping local businesses quickly increase revenue with digital marketing. Our approach focuses primarily on local SEO and reputation management.

What sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies?

Our Ideal Customer

We aren’t looking to close huge deals with brand names. Our ideal customer is either starting a new, local business or trying to grow an existing, local business. By focusing our digital marketing efforts on a specific geographic region, we can have a huge impact on your business in a very short amount of time.

Our Prices

We offer far more value to our customers at a much lower cost than any of our competitors. We can offer incredible pricing because of a unique, extremely efficient business model with low overhead costs. This supercharges your company’s profit while giving you a staunch ally in the world of local, digital marketing.

Our Purpose

We have worked for large, heartless corporations and decided it’s just not rewarding. There is nothing compared to helping an entrepreneur create a lasting business or helping a struggling small business become extremely successful. At the end of the day it’s all about helping you be a huge success!

BizGrow’s Local-SEO Methodology

Perform Extensive Research

Proper keyword research is vital to having a top-performing website. The experts at BizGrow will work with you to strategically choose a set of keywords to target that will be both profitable and attainable in a reasonable time frame.

Build an Excellent Website

 Websites are like cars. Not only should they look nice on the outside, they should also perform well. Whether you need a new site or if we need to spruce up your existing site, you can rest assured that it will be running on all cylinders.

Create an Online Presence

Just having a website isn’t good enough! Search engines want to know you can be trusted with their clients. This required building an entire ecosystem that demonstrates your credibility with listings, reviews, backlinks and more.


Generate Quality Content

Your website should prove that you’re an expert in your field. Search engines recognize high-quality content and will rank your page accordingly. The more regular you are in posting great content, the faster your pages will rank.

Grow your Reputation

Reviews are key to getting ranked on local search engines like Google Business and Bing Places. We help our customers strategize and implement practices to help your company get meaningful reviews that will help your page rank.

Optimize Continually

Constant optimization is key to growing your web presence. By continually improving practices based on learnings found in digital analytics, your web presence will grow. This includes regular updates to keywords and strategy.

Build the Lifestyle you Deserve with Low-cost, Local Marketing

As a local business, there’s always a lot of tough competition. It’s our goal to help you worry less about generating leads and more about operating your business. With BizGrow you will be able to increase profits while reducing expenses, helping you achieve your goals and increase your wealth.

BizGrow has made a lasting impact on my business!

As a fishing charter captain for over 12 years, my website had only generated a couple of leads. We were surviving off of referrals from clients and overflow business from some of the other charters. I knew there must be a better way, but I didn’t know where to get started.

Two years ago Tim booked a charter with me and while the fishing was slow, we started talking about marketing. His impressive past experience and passion for the subject encouraged me to hire him to rebuild my website and take over my digital marketing. Fast forward to the next year and I had the best season of my career! We went from never having a web lead to having over 120 forms filled and countless phone calls. On top of that, I went from being one of the slowest charters to being one of the busiest guides in Oregon. I can’t thank Tim enough for how he has helped transform my business and become a close personal friend!

Donald Koskela

Fishing Charter Captain, Pastime Fishing Adventures

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